Code of Conduct

Green Valley Tennis Club strives to maintain an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, collegiality and respect for Club rules and procedures. Such an atmosphere is necessary for the smooth functioning of a busy tennis club that attracts members and guests of varying ages, genders and playing levels. Conduct by individual members that does not meet appropriate standards detracts from the playing or observing experience of others and may harm the reputation of the Club in the tennis community and impair its ability to attract new members and succeed as a business. Such conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The Club has adopted a Code of Conduct that designates certain behaviors as unacceptable and that outlines procedures for identifying and addressing such behaviors. The following is a non-exhaustive list of behaviors that are deemed unacceptable:

1. Unsportsmanlike conduct while playing, including the use of foul language; obscene gestures; unduly disruptive behavior; racquet throwing or racquet “abuse”; ball “abuse”; or fighting over calls

2. Disregard of established Club procedures, including time-clock rules

3. Negative comments made after playing time has expired and players are asked to relinquish a court or fighting over court availability

4. Violation of Club rules relating to the closing of the Club or the closing of specific courts when the courts are wet

5. Comments or conduct that reflect hostility to or lack of respect for women

6. Comments or conduct that reflect hostility to or lack of respect for guests playing at the Club, including non-members involved in league matches.

Club members, including shareholders, who engage in unacceptable conduct will be subject admonitions, fines, restrictions on membership rights, revocation of membership or such other discipline as the Board deems appropriate, depending on the nature of the behavior at issue and any history of unacceptable behavior.

Reporting of Unacceptable Behavior
Unacceptable behavior may be reported to the Club by email to the following address: Each report should specify the date and time of the infraction, the location of the infraction and the nature of the misconduct. The Board or its designee will not conduct hearings or become involved in credibility disputes with respect to allegations of unacceptable behavior. All determinations made by the Board or its designee with respect to unacceptable behavior will be final. Any member who engages in unacceptable conduct is expected to self-report his or her misconduct with 48 hours of any incident. Self-reporting will be considered by the Board in determining whether to take action and the nature of the action.