Flex Leagues

GVTC Singles and Doubles Leagues
Visit our web-based site used for schedules, scoring and standings: gvtc.tennisscores.com

Depending upon the time of year, there are anywhere from 3 - 5 leagues comprised of men and women who play at a similar level. Flex league players must be paid members of Green Valley during the outdoor season when the league is scheduled from April to September.  The indoor leagues in the bubble may be open to non-members who will pay an additional guest fee for matches.

The GVTC  Flex Leagues provide you with an opportunity to get to know all the players while enjoying a great variety of matches, and you play on the days and times that work for you and your opponent.  Players / Teams are ranked within their league based on points.  The two top will advance to the next higher league, and two lowest will move down.  See the league rules below for more information on playing time, court costs, membership, etc. 

The 2018 Summer Singles and Doubles Leagues will begin May 28 and run through early September. Fall Leagues will run mid October to December 2018. 2019 Winter Leagues run mid January to late March. For more information, or if you are interested in joining one of our friendly competitive leagues, please contact Marie at murtennis@aol.com

League Rules

All SUMMER outdoor flex league participants must be paid members of Green Valley Tennis Club during the league. See below for fall/winter indoor flex league participation. Fall/Winter Flex Leagues do allow nonmembers but require additional $5 fee paid per match. The schedule of matches and player contact information will be emailed to league participants. Players can play on the day and time of their choice that is suitable for both opponents. Players must attempt to follow the schedule as much as possible with the goal being to complete one match per week with all of the matches completed by the end of the round.

Scheduling Matches

Matches are scheduled by following the league schedule and opponents contacting each other using the contact info provided. It is common courtesy to respond immediately to requests for a match, even if you are not available. If players know they will be unavailable for a particular week, they should contact their opponent ahead of time and reschedule the match for either before or after the week scheduled.

Reporting Match Results

Report all results/scores on gvtc.tenniscores.com as instructed. Report any problems with score reporting  to league coordinator by email as soon as possible after the completion of matches — Please copy your opponent when reporting results.

Court Grooming

Both players must sweep the court after match completion


Player / Team who: 1) Wins two “sets”. A “set” is won by winning 6 games by a margin of two with set tiebreaker played at 6 all OR 2) If the first set is not finished when time is up, the player who is ahead in the first set. OR 3) Player who won the first set and ahead or tied in the second set when time up. OR 4) The players split sets and the player is ahead in the 3rd set when time is up.

7 points win by two. A tiebreaker is played at 6:6 Ties – A match is tied if there is no winner by above rules. (Example: A player won the first set, and is behind or lost the second set or the players split sets and are tied in the 3rd). Scoring – The winning player receives 10 points, their opponent receives 3. In a tie, both players get 5 points. The loser of a 3-set match gets 5 points. No points will be awarded unless the match has actually been played. A default win or withdrawal before the match starts does not earn any points. 

Third Set
For Doubles/ Mixed Doubles matches it is NOT mandatory to play a third set. Players may decide to play a 10-point super tiebreaker for the set, but all players must agree. 

Match End 
The match ends when a player/team wins 2 sets or the time is up. The definition for ” time is up” for summer play is when the players for the next match come on the court. Only the score of actually finished games within the allowed time counts. Players must play until either the match is finished or their time is up, whichever is earlier. If a player stops playing earlier for injury or other reasons, that player loses the match. Two options for matches not completed when time is up is: move to another open court if one is available, or continue the match on another day. If a match is to be continued on another day, it has to be played within one week or the initial score is final. In both cases all players must agree to continue the match or the score is final. Fall & Winter Flex League matches end when the allotted 1.5 hours concludes despite any availability of open court time following the scheduled match. 

In case of a dispute, players must keep playing the match in the scheduled time, and report the dispute to the league director, who will make a final decision. 

The top players (2 or 4 depending on league size) will participate in a playoff to determine the league champion. Tennis Balls – Both players bring a can of new balls and the winner keeps the new can.

Winter-Specific Rules

Playing Time

Playing time indoors is 1 1⁄2 hours. No extra time is allowed, even if the court is open, and even if the play is interrupted by interference, for example by next players walking on court early. When time expires, only completed games count toward final score.

Court Reservations

Indoor players must confirm a court with Evgeny by emailing him at epozdniakov@comcast.net or calling/text him at (609) 502-0549. You can play practically at any time you want, provided courts are available.

Reporting Match Results

2016 -2017 Fall & Winter Flex Leagues will have a mandatory prepaid league fee of $35 per player. 

The indoor court rates for 90min match: 
Singles: $25 each for members; $30 each for nonmembers. 
Doubles: $10 each for members; $15 each for nonmembers. 

Pay Evgeny at time of play in advance by cash or check to EVNAPO. Credit Cards not accepted! Rules revised Oct 2016.