New Category of Membership

For 2015, GVTC is adding a category of membership called Prepaid Guest. This will allow 12 visits to play in 2015 for the price of $125. It will be available only to new members who have full summer outdoor memberships at other private tennis clubs in NJ.  The membership at the other club must allow unrestricted play during the outdoor season for no additional cost beyond membership, like GVTC summer outdoor membership. Proof of paid membership at the other club will be required. This category is not available to players who had full GV memberships in the previous year. GV club policy ordinarily limits any nonmember of GVTC to a maximum of 3 paid guest visits per person per season so this new category  allows more visits for those who hold concurrent full outdoor club memberships elsewhere. For more information, email Marie at To apply for this membership, click here