Time Card Rules

Court Usage – Time Clock

 •  Select a time card to indicate whether you are playing Singles or Doubles and sign the names of ALL players on time card. (Note: If a guest is playing, member must sign guest in the Guest Register and deposit the $10 guest fee in the Guest Fee Box before playing.)

 •  Clearly write Expiration Time on top of card – 1 hour for singles and 1.5 hours for doubles – place card in the court assignment slot located below the clock indicating the number of the court you plan to occupy.

 •  Please note that rallying or practice counts toward the allotted time limits.

 •  Play begun with fewer than 4 players is limited to 1 hour regardless of whether a fourth person joins in the play.

 •  You may resubmit a time card after your time has completely expired and only if no other players are waiting.

 •  You will be notified by the oncoming group that your time has expired. You are permitted to complete the game in progress with no-ad scoring.

 •  You must relinquish the court if your fail to complete a time card before the start of play. You cannot punch in after the fact.

 •  Players are responsible for brushing the court when play is completed.

Court Waiting Rules

 •  Players waiting for a court must complete a time card pursuant to Rule 1 above and place card in Waiting Rack ONLY – Time cards placed in the area reserved for court assignments will not be honored.

 •  Players may not have a card in the waiting rack while they are playing. If you have a card in waiting and join another group to play, you must remove your name from the waiting card.

 •  A minimum of 3 persons must be identified on a Doubles Card before placing it in waiting. One person coming off an expired court can serve as the fourth player for an outgoing doubles group. 

 •  Players in the first waiting position have 5 minutes to claim their court. If the court is not claimed, their card will be placed in the last waiting position.

 •  Players may wait for a specific court by passing their turn until the desired court is open.